About the Artist

Keith Reinhardt was born in Brewster, New York.  He graduated from SUNY New Paltz, where he majored in art education with a concentration in drawing and painting.  Keith was deeply inspired by the beautiful and idealized art of the Italian Renaissance, reaching a respectable level of realism in his drawing and painting classes. However, occasionally during Keith’s painting classes, he found that some of his most beautiful creations were made in his palette after mixing two or more colors together.

After college Keith began teaching art.  For a few years, the full time commitment with school and students just allowed him to develop his art as a hobby.

In order to commit himself to creating his own art again, Keith joined the Reilly League of Artists in White Plains, New York, in 2012.  This league offered a structured and academic environment for rendering the figure.  Once again Keith used a realistic approach to paint various models using oil and acrylic paints. Also that year he started selling commissioned paintings.

In 2013, while teaching art at a summer camp, Keith re-discovered those beautiful effects made by mixing two or more colors of paint together.  This led to Keith creating tests to figure out how to transfer these effects from pallet to canvas.

As a result Keith developed techniques for mixing a variety of colors in order to create this amazing work filled with movement, contrasting tones and life.